Scales and Sunshine

Day 116: Mud Boy

What else is there to do when it’s done nothing but rain for weeks on end? I think you can see from the look on his face it was FUN!

Day 115: Peace in the Garden

Built by my son during the rainy school holidays.

Day 114: Double Rainbow

There are always bright spots in the dreary, dark days 😀

Day 113: Regular Visitors

We have a couple of red-necked kangaroos who regularly visit us of a morning.

The mother is not phased by our presence at all, unless we are too loud or try to get to close (within a couple of metres).

Her joey (baby) however, is not so brave. As soon as we are noticed s/he dives for mothers pouch, or more recently as s/he has grown bigger (and mummy won’t let her/him back in so easily) s/he takes off into the bush.

All of us love watching them both, especially the younger ones antics as s/he learns to graze, bound and scratch.

Day 112: New Bling

A few days ago I saw Prince perform live for the second time in my life. Although the concert left a LOT to be desired (the sound and stage production were awful!) the love I have for this iconic musician still over flows.

Needless to say, his music has been a soundtrack in my head for the last few days. The first time I saw him live blew me away and my partner (who was dragged along as company for my seven month pregnant self) was converted. I still remember the first time I heard his music, courtesy of a friend and my further Prince education from a musician friend, a life changing event. Long may his music live.

Day 111: Tracks

A common scene at our house…..