Day 110: If one in the hand is equal to…….

These are Sulfur Crested Cockatoos, they like to sit in the tall tree outside our kitchen after they have feasted on our citrus and nut trees, but I’m not bitter (much).
They are hilarious to watch as they wind each other up with their ‘talk’ and ‘dancing’.


Day 109: Stumbled Upon

On the walk back to the car yesterday we found this old ute much to my big boys delight.

Day 108: Inside the Forest

A forest of rhubarb in the sun.

Day 107: My Girl

Guess who lost a tooth?

Day 106: Harry vs Tom

My eldest is fast becoming a Harry Potter fanatic and in the process is sharing that love with his friends. On sunday he and one of his friends spent the day making wands (freshly cut from my lillipilly) and devising spells to use against one another.

Day 105: Here Comes The Sun..

Day 104: Sunset at Haven

Happy Saturday, wherever you may be 😀